Private Equity Investments

Private Limited Partnerships are for a small group of individuals who wish to invest in forest ownership and typically would be made up of 4 to 8 partners. The minimum investment in a Private Limited Partnership is $250,000. Equity Investments use the same structure as a Limited Partnership giving investors Limited Liability and tax benefits. 
These partnerships are restricted to experienced or qualified investors as defined by the NZ Securities Act 1978 
As the ‘General Partner’ Roger Dickie supervises all facets of the project from land selection and purchase as well as and including:
  • Obtaining New Zealand Overseas Investment Office approval for offshore investors. 
  • Collation and approval of forest consultant’s reports and valuations.
  • Forest management and reports.
  • Cashflow projections and budgets.
  • Organising contractors for land preparation and planting.
  • Negotiations with local body authorities and consent applications.
  • Quality control of all facets of forest development and ongoing management.
  • Full administration service. 
For further information and to register your interest in a Private Limited Partnership forest email our office