Overseas Investors

International investors have recognised the competitive advantages of New Zealand and have invested heavily in the New Zealand forestry and farming industry. Roger Dickie New Zealand Ltd enables individual investors to access the industry at any level and share in the wealth that forestry and dairy farming brings to New Zealand.

Many international investors have chosen to diversify their investments by adding Roger Dickie New Zealand Ltd forestry to their portfolio. In addition to owning their own forest, investors enjoy the benefits of the excellent hunting and fishing reserves contained within our forests. Our dairy farms also offer similar opportunities.
New Zealand maintains reciprocal tax relationships with many countries which simplifies the tax positions for investors. The expenses of establishing and managing your forest are tax deductible against other New Zealand income. If the investor has no other New Zealand income the tax benefits can be accumulated and retained for use against the income when the forest  is harvested. 
New Zealand has a stable government with liberal economic policies; and a motivated and highly skilled workforce. Our international investors have found establishing their forestry investment and transferring funds to New Zealand to be straight forward and secure. 
O.I.0 (0verseas Investment Office – OIO)

Because the ownership of a forest or farm involves land ownership, international (non New Zealand nationals) investors wishing to invest in a private forestry or farm development need to obtain approval from the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office (OIO, a New Zealand Government agency). Roger Dickie New Zealand Ltd assists investors with this process. To date all applications have been approved. 

Up to 24.9% of a partnership can be owned by overseas investors without requiring Overseas Investment Office consent. 
The last three forests established by Roger Dickie NZ (ltd) have been for Family Offices in Europe. They have identified New Zealand Competitive Advantages as below:
  • There is no better place on earth to grow trees.
  • A stable and developed economy.
  • Strongly benefits from the developing economies of Asia.
  • Highly developed forestry industry and infrastructure.
  • Forestry is the third biggest export earner.
  • An Emissions Trading Scheme giving additional income.
  • Foreign Investment is welcomed.
We have investors from the following countries:
USA, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Denmark, Scotland, Holland, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Germany, Japan, England, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Qatar Lao , Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Bouganville, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and France.
On Request we can put you in touch with Investors in your country.