Corporate Investments

Many overseas timber companies, corporations and pension funds have recognized New Zealand’s competitive advantage in plantation forestry and have invested in New Zealand Radiata Pine Forests.

Companies worldwide are moving to reduce carbon emissions and the most cost effective way to acquire carbon is to grow it through forest ownership.  

By establishing a new forest a company can secure the cost of carbon going forward thus reducing exposure to an inflationary carbon price. 

It is an investment in a real asset ‘land and trees’, the carbon credits can be banked and used to offset emissions or simply sold when the price is right.

With increasing pressure on organisations to offset their carbon emissions, growing your own plantation forest for carbon credits is a cost effective way to secure the cost of carbon going forward.
Roger Dickie supervises all facets of the project from land selection and purchase as well as and including:
  • Obtaining New Zealand Overseas Investment Office approval for offshore investors.  
  • Collation and approval of forest consultant’s reports and valuations. 
  • Forest management and reports. 
  • Cashflow projections and budgets. 
  • Organising contractors for land preparation and planting. 
  • Negotiations with local body authorities and consent applications. 
  • Quality control of all facets of forest development and ongoing management. 

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