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Huntingwood Forest Partnership

Huntingwood Forest Limited Partnership was established in September 2020 and is the 102nd forest established by Roger Dickie NZ.

Huntingwood forest is a dual property forest investment comprising a near-to-harvest forest with a net stocked area of approximately 228 ha and a to be planted greenfield forest property. Harvest of the near-to-harvest forest is forecast to commence in 2022 and being 228 ha will take approximately 2 1/2 years to complete. The harvested areas will be replanted each winter. Proceeds from the first harvest will be used to replant the forest and purchase and plant a second greenfield property. Both forests will be grown on an optimal framing regime (no pruning and one thin-to-waste) with the second harvest forecast to commence in 2049.

Huntingwood Forest is situated on Tauwhareparae Road, Tolaga Bay, Gisborne, 75km north of Gisborne port.

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