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Eastbourne Dairy Farm

Eastbourne Dairy Farm is Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Ltd 92nd syndicated investment property. Eastbourne is 242.1 ha comprising of a 170.8ha milking platform and 71.2 ha runoff located 500 meters from the milking platform.

Eastbourne is located in Eastbourne Park Road, Thornbury, 25km North West of Invercargill.

The farm was purchased and syndicated by Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Ltd in 2014. The farm is managed by a Variable Order Share Milker (VOSM) Ben Worker a very capable young man. 

Eastbourne Dairy Farm is milking 520 cows and supplies its Milk to Open Country Dairy (OCD) who have a factory in Southland.  The farm has no debt and is producing at a high level.

Shares are available in Eastbourne Dairy Farm – email for full information and offer documents.

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