Company Profile

Leading New Zealand forestry company Roger Dickie New Zealand Ltd was established in 1971, and has since grown to own and manage more than 83 forests for a range of private and syndicated investors.  

Over the past 20 years, Roger Dickie has looked to concentrate its Radiata forests in one main region: beautiful northern Hawkes Bay and Gisborne, located on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. 

With the country’s highest growth rates for forests, and top-quality land at value-for-money prices, Hawkes Bay and Gisborne are the smart investment choices for forestry.  This has helped Roger Dickie New Zealand to build profitable forestry investments for the long term. 

With a well-developed and long-established timber-based infrastructure, the Hawkes Bay and Gisborne area has pulp mills, a tri-board mill, saw mills and everything required for first-class harvesting.  The region is also located handily for two major exporting ports, Napier and Gisborne, for easy export.

Every investment with Roger Dickie forestry starts when the company purchases freehold land.  Premium properties are carefully chosen, and each is closely vetted during a forestry feasibility study.  The result?  Low-risk forestry development, plus the best-possible growth rates throughout the forest.  The next step is the preparation of the land, the formation of forestry roads, and then the planting of the new forest, which occurs between the months of May and September.

Management Approach

As well as maintaining exceptionally high standards of management for our forests, Roger Dickie New Zealand closely scrutinises every aspect of the financial side of the business.  This has meant that every single forest that Roger Dickie New Zealand has initiated has operated at under the projected expenses during the establishment phase. 

The cornerstone of the Roger Dickie New Zealand business strategy is accountability.  Roger Dickie represents the investor during every stage of the process.  The company oversees the forest consultant, approving and collating the relevant reports and evaluations.  The forest manager’s reports are also approved, along with the employment of the contractors, the cash-flow forecasts, the sale of any unwanted assets, any grazing agreements, the local authority negotiations, producing newsletters, attending field days and conferences. 

Each year Roger Dickie New Zealand holds an on-site annual general meeting, at which investors approve the budgets.

With the collective bargaining power of the 83-plus Roger Dickie New Zealand forests, investors are part of a powerful industry force.  This allows the company to conduct its own marketing, its own timber processing and its own timber exporting. 

Company Director - Roger Dickie

B Ag (Sc); farmer; forester, company director and developer, from Waverley, Taranaki. 

Director and chairman for 76 investment partnerships and companies, all in rural industries, Dickie is also a director for the wood harvesting/marketing business Forest Owners’ Marketing Service.  

Roger and his wife Mary-Ann are the proud parents of four sons, and their family interests have seen the Dickies purchase farming and forestry properties throughout both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.  Roger is also involved with developing property along the Taranaki coastline.  He has major farming interests in Awatea Farms, his 1,050 hectare Waverly (South Taranaki) property.  The farm’s main business is Rosemount Dairy Ltd – which milks 1,460 cows and grazes an additional 1,200 dairy stock. 

New Zealand and international investors have been Roger’s focus since 1971, when he began developing and co-ordinating rural investment syndicates – 89 to date, and counting.  The existing properties cover more than 27,500 hectares in total in both the North Island and South Island.  More than 2,500 people invest in these partnerships – and many are involved in more than one syndicate. 

Roger is also a spokesman and executive director of the Kyoto Forestry Association.  The Kyoto Forestry Association, or KFA, speaks for growers of around 250,000 hectares of Kyoto-compliant New Zealand forests.  Originally formed to counter the existing Government’s proposed nationalisation of carbon credits from forests developed owned by private investors.  With Roger’s direction, the KFA fought the then-Labour Government for six years, investing $600,000 and eventually returning the ownership of carbon forestry credits to the owners of the land. 

As the leader of an extensive campaign of top-level lobbying and politicking, Roger succeeded in securing a reversal of intention by the Government and the total success of the Kyoto Forestry Association.  The result was the ability for post-1989 forestry owners to capitalise on the sale of billions of dollars in carbon credits, rather than seeing them nationalised.  

With a current focus on New Zealand’s opportunities for carbon forestry investment, Roger recently launched the inaugural public offering of New Zealand carbon forest investments. 

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