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New Zealand is blessed with the ideal Radiata pine tree growing conditions. We are world leaders in plantation forestry research and development. The trees grow faster and better in New Zealand than anywhere else in the world. Growth  rates of 750 tonnes of logs per hectare in just 28 years. This has seen forestry become New Zealand's third biggest export industry. Send me more information now

With the world population increasing at an alarming rate, global demand for timber products is also increasing. Global timber supplies are falling steadily. Over the last ten years the world has lost on average 13 million hectares of forest per year.

New Zealand is ideally situated to meet this increased demand. Our managed plantation forestry and high timber growth rates means forests typically mature in 26-28 years. We have a stable deregulated economy that welcomes international investment, and are ideally located on the pacific rim, close to the growing Asian markets.

As New Zealand’s leading forestry specialist, Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Ltd specialise in finding, securing and developing the best forestry opportunities on behalf of overseas clients and investors. Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Ltd has been in the business for more than 30 years and has established 89 forests covering 28,000 hectares for investors.
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Latest Forest Investment Opportunity

MOUNT MARSH FOREST - A rare opportunity to secure a mid-rotation forest 8 years from Harvest

The close proximity to Juken Nissho mill in Masterton (50 km) will give substantial savings on transport costs at harvest. There is also a railhead in Masterton to the Wellington Log Export Port.

High Growth area: Mount Marsh is located in Wairarapa - a major forestry growing area with a proven forest growth rates. Mount Marsh has 153 hectares of trees aged 16 to 20. They have shown exceptional growth rates of 35 cubic metres of timber per year. This , along with a high site index should result in high yields of timber.

Economies of scale: Roger Dickie NZ Ltd has established 90 forest for New Zealand and international investors covering more than 28,000 hectares. Mount Marsh offers economy of scale benefits from our experienced forest management company and group insurance scheme. 
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Mount Marsh Forest is available to a single buyer. For more information complete the form above.

Roger Dickie NZ Ltd is seeking expressions of interest. Email Richard Bourne at or complete the form above

With over 2500 Investors, we have shares in established forests for sale. These forests range from 8 to 15 years to harvest. Contact Richard at for details



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International Investors

International Investors
International investors have recognised the competitive advantages of New Zealand and have invested heavily in New Zealand forestry. Overseas investors are attracted to New Zealand because of our stable government, our close exposure to the fast developing Asian markets and our established professional business practice.

 With its professional environment, New Zealand offers a great reason to consider financial wealth here.

  • Ranked 1st in the world for protecting investors by World Bank
  • Ranked 1st in world as the safest place to do business by the Liberales Institute

Many international investors have chosen to diversify their investments by adding Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Ltd forestry to their portfolio.  Roger Dickie New Zealand Ltd enables individual investors to access the industry at any level and share in the wealth that forestry and dairy farming brings to New Zealand.

Roger Dickie New Zealand can help investors with OIO (Overseas Investment Office) applications and are very familiar with all processes in land and forest ownership in New Zealand. To date all our applications for International Investors have been successful.
Client Testimonials

Our experience with Roger Dickie (NZ) has been very positive. We are impressed with the professionalism and integrity of both the company and Roger Dickie personally. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending this company to other potential forestry investors.

Thomas J Paulus

I remember meeting Richard Bourne in the Auckland airport in January 2000. From that day on Roger Dickie NZ has been an indispensable tool enabling me to invest in NZ forestry. I remember flying with Roger over the North Island looking for the right property, and when we found it he negotiated the purchase and turned me over to the legal and accounting team necessary for an American to purchase coastal land and change its use to forestry. Since then the team at Roger Dickie Forestry has built roads, planted and maintained a forest and olive grove and overseen construction of new buildings. As a family we look forward to a long and profitable relationship with the firm.

John Tuten

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Forestry Investment

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International Investors

New Zealand welcomes overseas investment. Our stable economy and political make it an attractive proposition for investors around the world. read more…

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You can invest in a forest at any level.
From a share in a partnership to owning your own forest. read more…

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